(n): consumption
1. the using up of a resource.

Funny thing about renovation: it can be consuming. Not surprised? Well to be honest I was, and still am, for that matter.  When we began working on this house we were fueled by pure excitement.  We had an insatiable energy to tackle projects large and small, (mainly large). So insatiable, in fact, that it put me in the ER for an inflamed lung on one occasion. Tile samples, and faucet styles, and flooring options, and deck stain, and counter tops, and shelving units become literally all you think about.

While you used to browse Pinterest for romantic fairy tale wedding ideas, or Reddit for your daily dose of comic relief, you now dive deep into youtube for DIY installation tutorials, and excitedly text your spouse screenshots of lawn trimmers on clearance.

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Fun DIY Backyard Weekend Projects

Amidst a busy summer, Lee and I recently found ourselves with a very rare weekend dedicated solely to working on the house.  With much of the interior projects being long-term and rather extended, we were eager for some improvement projects we could take on start-to-finish in one weekend, and boy were we thrilled with the results! I decided to share a tutorial on how we constructed our DIY lattice privacy screens on a budget. Continue reading

Peonies, please.

9 full weeks since move-in day plus a summer filled with weddings, baby showers, family weekends at the cabin, work, and we’ve still somehow managed to make a lot of progress, believe it or not!

Presently, we’ve got a deck that needs re-staining, a very scary bee’s nest in the mailbox, an extensive lawn full of mulch beds that need weeding I’m sure- I try not to look too closely, bedroom & bathroom windows that need treatments – I’m sure our neighbors will be thankful for that when it happens, not to mention around 900+ sq ft of flooring that needs to be installed and counter tops that haven’t been ordered because apparently we choose design plans that break the manufacturer’s CAD programs with impossibly creative ideas- keep your large basin undermount sinks out of the corner, folks.

Our saving grace? Every inch of this house will be improved in one way, shape, or form, and we are proud of it. Thankfully, the house has found small ways to show us its appreciation for all of our hard work and efforts:

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30 Days and Counting…


Well, technically 29 days now, but hey, who’s concerned counting. We’ve had access for the house for exactly 10 days, and have spent approximately 4 of those days actually working on it *insert unexpected health issue here. Every detail and every project ties into another detail and project and ANOTHER detail and project, and with every accomplishment comes ten more tasks that need tackling.  But ultimately, there are zero complaints here! Continue reading

Chocolate HoHo Cake


April is a busy month of many, many special dates in our collective family. This year we were blessed with the opportunity to not only celebrate a few of those, but to celebrate together all in one place, and “host” at our new-to-us house to boot! We’re all of four (4) days into home ownership and have a family gathering in the books already. In my opinion, that’s a very good omen for this house. Continue reading