Beginning to Take Shape

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Master Finished!

We’re one week from moving in and, with lots of help from family, have accomplished more than I thought possible in just 3 weeks time.  This will be a fun, photo-heavy post to satisfy your hunger for those before & after reveal pics. Indulge and enjoy!  Keep watching for kitchen renovation updates coming soon! Continue reading “Beginning to Take Shape”


30 Days and Counting…


Well, technically 29 days now, but hey, who’s concerned counting. We’ve had access for the house for exactly 10 days, and have spent approximately 4 of those days actually working on it *insert unexpected health issue here. Every detail and every project ties into another detail and project and ANOTHER detail and project, and with every accomplishment comes ten more tasks that need tackling.  But ultimately, there are zero complaints here! Continue reading “30 Days and Counting…”