30 Days and Counting…


Well, technically 29 days now, but hey, who’s concerned counting. We’ve had access for the house for exactly 10 days, and have spent approximately 4 of those days actually working on it *insert unexpected health issue here. Every detail and every project ties into another detail and project and ANOTHER detail and project, and with every accomplishment comes ten more tasks that need tackling.  But ultimately, there are zero complaints here!

L and I have been longing for years for a space to call our own, and this is it. Finally. This is our project. This is our chance to carve our niche into this house and make it our space, making way for our memories. Every swing of the hammer, every load of old junk and material we haul out the door, every coat of spackle and paint, every ounce of blood sweat and tears is fulfilling for us.  It gets us excited about this adventure. It fuels our momentum toward making it nicer than it’s ever been.  Sure, it’s stressful to somehow squeeze this giant venture into an already hectic schedule of working two more-than-full-time jobs, and various commitments, and sure we’re on an extremely tight timeline and modest budget, and yes, right now it’s more mess than it is house, but it’s okay because it’s our mess.  It’s our venture to navigate, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Anyway, onto the progress photos. That’s the best part, right? I think I’ll ease you into it. Here are some before’s & during’s. There are no “after’s” at this point because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s more mess than it is house and nothing we’ve begun is remotely finished yet.  30 days.. we can do this.. we’ve still go 30 full days…er… 29 days…

Living Room
Dining Room
Spare Bedroom

No more carpet! No more half wall partitions! Goodbye eggshell yellow paint, hello clean and bright white ceiling paint! Oh, and see how that wallpaper came down? Perfect panels folded in a perfect pile. Probably going to get a few haters out there because seriously, it was that easy. When you’re in a project like this, it’s okay to celebrate the little victories, like when your entire wall of wallpaper comes down in less than 5 minutes. The photos may not seem like much to the outside eye, but believe me, it’s pretty amazing progress!  Plus, there is so much more I want to show you with what we’ve been able to accomplish in just a short amount of time, but so little blog space in this post.  I’ll add more photos soon, so keep watching.


1 thought on “30 Days and Counting…”

  1. I thought the same thing about the wallpaper. “How in the world did that come down so easy! Man I would have loved that!” Looks great, Good Job Guys.

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