Beginning to Take Shape

Blog_Master 2
Master Finished!

We’re one week from moving in and, with lots of help from family, have accomplished more than I thought possible in just 3 weeks time.  This will be a fun, photo-heavy post to satisfy your hunger for those before & after reveal pics. Indulge and enjoy!  Keep watching for kitchen renovation updates coming soon!


Blog_Dining Room 1
Fireplace/Dining Room Before
Blog_Dining Room 2
Fireplace/Dining Room During 1st coat of primer
Blog_Bookcase 1
Starting on the bookcase
Blog_Bookcase 2
Finished bookcase! (minus one Catey, plus one shop-vac)
Blog_Hall 1
Hallway Before
Hallway During
Blog_Hall 2
Hallway Finished! (just need our new flooring installed)
Blog_Living Room 1
Living Room Before – Gross!
Blog_Living Room 2
Living Room fully painted, carpet removed, ready for new flooring! (And yes, that’s our shiny new fridge camping out in our living room temporarily while we work on the kitchen)
Blog_Master 1
Master Before
Blog_Master 2
Master Finished!
Blog_Office 1
Office Before
Blog_Office 2
Office Finished!
Blog_Paneling 1
Dark paneling in the dining room
Blog_Paneling 2
After 2 coats of primer & 2 coats of wall paint and ceiling paint. Much brighter! Ready for new flooring!
Blog_Living Room 1.1
Cement & Tile Entryway Before (and 1/2 wall demo shot)
Blog_Tile 4
Cement & Tile Entryway During – It was a beast to break up, that’s for sure!
Blog_Tile 1
Cement & Tile Entryway During – It was a beast to break up, that’s for sure!
Blog_Tile 3
Cement & Tile Entryway fully removed and subfloor cleaned up – Awesome!
One of my favorite trasformations.
One of my favorite transformations
Blog_Lees Dairy Treat
Finished the night with some ice cream shakes from Lee’s Dairy Treat – only fitting 🙂

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