Don’t hassle me, I’m renovating.

When it comes to home improvement projects, in the wise words of Dr. Leo Marvin,
“Baby steps, Bob. Baby steps.”

1. the using up of a resource.

Funny thing about renovation: it can be consuming. Not surprised? Well to be honest I was, and still am, for that matter.  When we began working on this house we were fueled by pure excitement.  We had an insatiable energy to tackle projects large and small, (mainly large). So insatiable, in fact, that it put me in the ER for an inflamed lung on one occasion. Tile samples, and faucet styles, and flooring options, and deck stain, and counter tops, and shelving units become literally all you think about.


While you used to browse Pinterest for romantic fairy tale wedding ideas, or Reddit for your daily dose of comic relief, you now dive deep into youtube for DIY installation tutorials, and excitedly text your spouse screenshots of lawn trimmers on clearance.

But like a good caffeine high from your morning coffee (covfefe?), that energy is not long-lasting. Financial resources will reach their acceptable limit. Interest fades. The pace at which you’ve been functioning cannot be upheld. You grow tired of working at your job all day just to come home and work on the house all night. You start to give yourself weekends off to enjoy some social time again.  Your projects will hit a standstill either because completing them takes the expertise of a professional, or it starts to feel like too much of a burden; a long uncompleted task on your to-do list. Hello, Type-A guilt!  What began as more of a fun hobby has become another job, and it’s tiresome.

Above all else, your enthusiasm for this investment has been consumed.

However, don’t fret.  I’m here to tell you (or maybe tell myself) that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s okay to take breaks.  It’s okay to spend a weekend at the lake instead of tiling your kitchen back splash.  It’s okay to host a 30th birthday party even though you only have one bathroom that’s even partially in-tact.  Your friends and family won’t care.  They’ll be excited to see how far you’ve come. These projects will be there waiting for you when you find your time and energy renewed.  Go at your own pace.

Take time to revel in the projects you have completed.

Enjoy them!  Be proud of them!  Take pictures on your phone and stare at them all day in wonder!  When you find yourself feeling burnt out, pivot.  Drop that task for awhile, and focus on something new. A few weeks, or months, down the line you’ll find yourself looking back to that unfinished project with new eyes and maybe a new sense of motivation.

Hang in there, your renewal and refreshed perspective is just around the corner.


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