This is a space meant for documenting life moments. This blog is for the DIYer; the midwesterner; the photographer; the writer; the humored; the traveler; the graphic designer; the “I’m going to cocktail on Tuesday because it’s already been a long week”-er; those with dreamy hopes and ideas, and those with a mind for seeking knowledge. My interests are many and varied. My talents are moderate, at best. I love my friends and family,  and have learned to cherish the finite time we have here together.

A Bit About Us
Husband (Lee) and I met while attending college in northern WI. We’ve since adopted a dachshund (Maxwell) and a mystery-breed rescue (Ace), married in 2014, and as of April 2016 purchased our first home in the ‘burbs of Milwaukee, WI. It’s been an adventure.

I started this blog as a place to share pieces of our newlywed life along the third coast. Mostly, it’s personal, but I promise I’ll try to be witty.

Thanks for following along!



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